Friday, February 5, 2016

The Staircase

Paris, Doug, Greg
I know not everyone has the same opinion about this, so this is my opinion as usual.

In the office there is a unique little staircase.  It dates back to times before the office was an office.  There used to be a stained glass door at the top of the staircase, which was closed up during the 1980s as thieves were using it to break into the office.  It used to be used by the children in the building, including Frank Marshall's son, to enter the parlor.  Very few pictures that depict even part of it are available today.
Brennan Ward

The staircase has a lot of sentimental value for most long-time members.  It is a unique feature of the building which has become more dear to us as handmade items in general become rarer.

The administration began demolishing it without asking the members.  Fortunately they only removed the upper railing before we got them to stop demolishing it.

Marshall Gambit Cat
The administration loves the Marshall brand name, but hates anything living (alive or still in use) that comes down from older times.  They love the building as a piece of real estate, but only as a generic piece of real estate.  They eschew the hand-made in favor of the mass produced, as we can also see with the chess tables.

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