Monday, February 1, 2016

Steve at the New Yorker Hotel

After his tournaments were kicked out of the Marshall, Steve went to the Hotel New Yorker.  About 20 of us were very loyal to him and came every week.  We didn't know how much money he was losing.  The Marshall raised its prizes to drive Steve out of business.  A non-profit organization shouldn't be doing that.  Any long-time NYC tournament player who thinks he or she is not indebted to Steve is mistaken.

During this time period that Steve invented the mixed doubles prize.  One of the officers of the Marshall said it was the stupidest thing he ever heard of.

When Steve's tournament at the New Yorker came to an end, we signed a petition to get him back into the Marshall.  Eventually he was invited back for once a month.  I don't think the invitation was sincere.  I think they wanted to wait until the hub-bub died down and then get rid of him, which they did.  Stuart particularly did not like Sophia.  He told me that he was afraid that if he took Steve back, Sophia would join.

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