Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Marshall Threatens to Ban Me - Part I

It was just before Christmas, I was at work when I received an email for Stuart Chagrin saying that if I did not desist from my Facebook posts, that the Marshall would not allow me to renew my membership.

So this seems like a new idea.  Memberships have been declined and people have been banned, but never has the club decided that someone may not renew.

Whether or not you agree with what I am saying, I don't think such an action would be legitimate.  The board is empowered to remove someone who is detrimental to the club.  There are people who would like to distort the truth, but the problem is their actions, not my utterances.

I requested a list of utterances that they found objectionable, and they sent it to me.   My lawyer reviewed my statements and said that most are a matter of opinion, and some are assertions made in good faith.  None are actionable.  I wrote some long letters to the board explaining my utterances.  These explanations are not secret.  I would post them here if there are enough requests.  The board pretended to not understand them though I think they are perfectly clear.

I wanted to run for club president, but I don't have enough support to do that.  I then offered to run for the board without running for president and 11 voting members signed my petition, including three past presidents, Howard Prince and both Bellizzis.  There are clearly two sides to this.

I know some people don't agree with me, but I am disturbed by how some people who definitely do agree with me are afraid to speak up.  What could happen?  There is a group of about 11 people (almost as large as the board) who largely agree with me.  I don't attend this group anymore, but the group is still characterized by Stuart as being my group.  I frankly don't appreciate that so much of the onus is on me.   Some people are thinking that if they speak up, they won't be elected.  Frankly I think its more important to speak out.

Click these words for Video:  From Orwell's 1984 - Goldstein Two Minute Hate Rally

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