Sunday, February 7, 2016

Marcus Leaves

FWCGM Fischer
Marcus left months after being elevated to the board.  Around the time that he left, some records disappeared and a large amount of the club's money was not where it was supposed to be.  It might even have gone missing altogether.  Stuart had to ask the board for money to pay upcoming bills.  Again the story told the board bears little resemblance to the story eventually told to the membership at the Bastille Day Meeting.

Before we assume Marcus was the culprit, bear in mind that others had access to those records.  CPA Jason Margiotta determined that it was impossible to determine what might have happened.

GM Marshall (Left) in Prague

Before you say, "it could have happened anywhere!"  It could not have.  A properly run organization has duplicate copies of its records.  In a properly run organization, the treasurer would oversee the cash flow, and the board of directors would oversee the treasurer.

Ed Kopieki

One of the reasons why the president and the board threatened to ban me was that I said this was the biggest fuckup in the history of the Marshall Chess Club.  Of course, now that a child was seriously injured on the premises, it isn't the biggest fuckup anymore.

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