Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bar Mitzva

I am the only person to have a bar mitzva at the Marshall Chess Club.  What I like about Judaism is the humanistic philosophy, the metaphysics, and the history.  I believe in God some of the time.  When I had my nervous breakdown, I expressed that I wanted to have a big party and get all my friends together, and this is how I managed to do that.  I think it was especially meaningful to my Aunt Roz who passed on last year.

Even though Frank was president when the event was authorized, I believe it was Marcus who facilitated it happening at the Marshall.  Marcus was quite helpful about this, and very respectful of religious and cultural issues.  My father didn't want to go at first.  He thought the club would be a dump.  But he actually enjoyed the event.  He and my stepmother danced in the middle of the Marshall Chess Club!

I want to thank everyone who helped or showed up: Dan Barasch, Chris Daily, Patrick Davin, Lewis Eisen MD, Drs Stanley and Dorothy Graham, Chris Holroyd, Raphael D'Lugoff and his trio,  Ilya Figler, Gary Forman, Ed Frumkin, Peter and Tory Kopke, Harvey Krasner, Judy Krasner, Rabbi Bill Kurry, GM William Lombardy (who gave me a nice gift), Jones Murphy and Mary Kennedy, Rafael and Vanda Ovalle, Leif Pressman, Evan Rabin (who helped with my Hebrew), Murray Schechter, Vivian Richman (who made the chocolates),  Bonnie Rosman and John O'Shaunnesy,  Roz and Lloyd Rosman, Hilary Scarnati, Melissa Scarnati, Frank Splain, Dolly Teasley, April Weisenthal, and
Ron Young.

After the event, I saw Stuart Chagrin and I thanked him for the use of the club.  He reminded me that the event had been approved before he became president.  In other words, things would change again.


  1. Thank you for posting this blog. My brother Frank Splain is a big fan of yours & Marshal's Chess Club

  2. I'm a fan of his too. He was the captain of several successful teams I was on at ICC.