Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ginny and Asa's Wedding

Ginny and Asa Hoffmann
Ginny and Asa's wedding party at the Marshall Chess Club was an event that no blogger can do justice to be no blogger could omit.

Ginny and I had found each other again on Facebook.  She was living in Las Vegas, but said she was coming back to New York.  She asked me for Asa's phone number, and I gave it to her.

Me, Adia, Polly, and William
The food was great and the company was more so.  There were rare appearances by chess celebrities such as  GM John Fedorowicz, IA Bill Goichberg, GM William Lombardy, NM Bruce Pandolfini, and GM Andy Soltis.  Music was provided by Raphael D'Lugoff and his trio.  NM Alex King ably sat in for a time on the string bass.   This was without question the chess social event of the century!

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