Thursday, July 28, 2016

What About the Adults?

Marshall Chess Divan
Today, I was reading a Facebook post about a study on the educational benefits of music  After "liking" the post, I saw that it was from USCF Past President, Ruth Haring.  She added that there should more studies like that on chess.  Somehow that got my dander up, and I want to explain why.  No disrespect to Past President Haring or anyone else is intended.

I've heard talk in some adult chess circles about how the Internet is killing OTB (in person) chess.  I don't believe it!    If anything, the Internet should be helping us get together more!

Fabiano Caruana vs Yury Lapshun
What is really happening is that some of the top organizations that used to be leaders in chess for all ages have made adults second-class citizens.

Its not hard to see why.  The general assumption is that there are more kids, and you can extract more cash from a chess parent than you can extract from a chessplaying adult.

Some of you who have read my other posts have heard about the shenanigans at the Marshall election.  Hopefully the new president will sort it out.  What happened was that some chess teachers and some chess parents conspired with certain board members to control the election.

Pres. Rachlin vs WC Carlsen

Before you jump to any conclusions about me, three of my best friends are fulltime chess teachers.   I would also point out that some of the most that historically some of the most knowledgeable people in chess organizing, such as Carol Jarecki and and Alan Benjamin, are and were chess parents.  The difference is that they took the trouble to master the chess organizing environment instead of coming in, without any knowledge, and trying to tell people what to do.

WC Carlsen vs IM Sturt
I hope the Marshall and the other organizations get things sorted out, but right now, I want to ask a different question:  What were these people who were trying to take over the Marshall thinking?  What does chess mean to them? What justifies their trying to take away something that others need very much and that they don't need at all??  What does chess mean to them?  What does it mean to them?  Is there a logical motive for their actions, or are too many people getting carried away with the hype?

Song of the day:  Teach the Gifted Children (Lou Reed)

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