Friday, January 29, 2016

Playing in Junior High School

Booker T. Washington
I was first introduced to organized chess though the chess club at my junior high school, run by Mr. Vinicore.  This was about a year before Fischer played his candidates match.   Most of the boys in my age group and class would play even though we didn't know about Fischer.

Rachel Crotto
My friends Niklaus and Gilbert would play.  One time we played at Edmund Barcowski's house and his father took over a losing position.  He remarked on how when defending, the pieces tend to go back into a cluster.  Howard Spiegel got a little involved in organized chess and went with me to my first out of town tournament.  Konstantine Medwedew was the second strongest player.  He once gave me a compliment that I was an imaginative or creative player.  The strongest player in my school was Rachel Crotto, who went on to become US Women's Champion.

Mr. Vinicore entered us in a tournament.  I didn't show up for it, but that was how I first became a USCF member and started receiving Chess Life.  It was one of the big Goichberg scholastics at the Hotel McAlpin.

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